Monday, September 1, 2014

September Goals

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You Big Fat Talker

          I am a talker most of the time. When I was in school I always got in trouble for talking at inappropriate times. I was the kid who sat next to the teacher’s desk most of the time. When I got to middle school things got more challenging for me. I remember the one time my mom went to meet the teacher night and talked to my math teacher who told my mom “She talks too much.” It didn’t matter that the moved me, my Geometry teacher learned that quickly when on one side of the room were all the kids I was in marching band with and on the other side, all the kids from the hood that I had grown up in until I started high school.
Yes, talking about issues got me in trouble more times than not. I come from a family who have Conservative views while I tend to be more of the bleeding heart Liberal they talk about. I viewed race different, I still view racial relations, sexism, social services, etc differently. I can remember there was a time I sat on the kitchen counter telling my mother how ashamed I was of being white because of slavery. I didn’t really hate myself for being white but I was hurt by a past that I could not change, a past that while I may not have been there, my family may not have participated in, but it hurt me to my core.         
My mom was once a yeller. She didn’t talk about things, she yelled. There was no hearing my side of things, there was no conversation. In fact, on at least two occasions, I tried to discuss something that was very devastating to me and yet, no one listened and so, I learned to keep my feelings to myself, at least to some degree; and then I had children. I allow my children to hear what I have to say and then I give them the opportunity to tell their side of the story. I learned this after an incident with my oldest son. He called my oldest daughter a “trick” and he got a spanking. It was only after the spanking did we find out that he had no idea what that word even meant. He had heard his friend say it. When I told him what it meant, he was crushed for calling his sister that, so I am not an advocate of “Children are to be seen and not heard.” We need to hear our children, we need to hear each other.          
My father is the kind of person who thinks, if we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist. I am the opposite. I hate keeping things bottled up, it’s not good for my health. After an incident, I need some time to cool off and then yes, I want to talk about it but I want it to be real communication where those involved listen with an open mind, heart and ears and do not interrupt one another. I have to get it out, part of the reason I think I love the written word so much. Talking it is clears the air, it clears you mind, it clears your heart. If you don’t talk about it, how can you ever heal from it or fix it?

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Social 08-31-2014

Social Sunday

1. 4 favorite phone apps
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Gas Buddy
2. 4 favorite summer TV shows
We honestly do not watch very much television but I would say The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real House Wives of The O.C., the news and Food Network (yes not a show but hey)
3. 4 things you would NEVER do
Jump out of a plane, bungee jump, drive for Nascar and get back with an ex
4. 4 items you carry with you no matter what
phone, keys, wallet and a charger
5. 4 blogs we should follow
Lawless Life(so she will start blogging again)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Natural Bridge Caverns

Naturally Amazing. Experience one of the world's premier caverns, Natural Bridge Caverns. Take the Discovery Tour and see what millions of others have seen - an incredible underground world of natural beauty. This 75-minute tour explores a half-mile of the largest and most spectacular show cavern in Texas. 

The Hidden Passages Tour gives guests an up-close view of rare and delicate cave formations illuminated by a state-of-the-art lighting system and includes a total darkness experience. Pan for gems, minerals and fossils like miners panned for gold at the Natural Bridge Mining Company. 

Take on the Canopy Challenge--a 4-level, 60 foot high challenge course and zip lines! Climb, navigate and hang while secured from a safety harness before you "zip" over the Hill Country on one of 4 zip lines. Recently opened,

 Discovery Village has new food, beverage and retail spaces along with a beautiful courtyard and 5,000 square foot outdoor maze. Picnic grounds also available.

 Open year-round starting at 9am, with special hours in spring and summer. My Readers Save $2 off an Adult and $1 off a Child's Discovery Tour ticket. Valid only on the Discovery Tour, cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit 6 per coupon. For More information on Natural Bridge Caverns please visit

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You Will Never Believe What Got In Our House.......

Monday was the first day back at school and the first day for Lexi at her new school. We got up early so we could get ready eat a good breakfast (which she refused) and make it to school on time. 

For a few days now I've noticed the trash being ripped up, which of course I blamed on

I had been in and out of the kitchen at least 5 times while Lexi got ready for her first day and Joseph woke up good. Now before we go on I must tell you I am TERRIFIED of rodents of any kind. My kids can't even have a hampster or gerbil because of my phobia and No, we did not have a rodent in our house but something else.

Joseph gets Lexi and says to come check something out. I hear "Oh My Gosh!" and instantly know this isn't going to be good. Joseph takes me by the hand and leads me into the kitchen to where I keep the things we are going to recycle. First I notice 2 bottles laying in the floor and then I see this

I almost lost it. First of all how in the world did a dang Opposum get in my house and how in the world were we going to get it out? I tried calling my parents. They live on 22 acres in the middle of nowhere surely they can tell me how to get this thing out right? Mind you I am freaking out the entire time. My parents don't answer. So while Joseph is going outside to find something, I am going to the closet in our room that we use as storage to get a box I've been saving. Together we managed to wrangle the creature into the box without hurting it or us.........

Joseph and Lexi took it for a 5 mile drive back to the country and dropped him off. We have found no holes, none of the windows were left open, there is a new roof and no holes that way so we are dumbfounded as to how this thing got in. In June I found a snake in the house. Lord, please let this be the last creature that comes in our home uninvited and thank you for Joseph being home.

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Back To School With Teenagers

This year was particularly rough for me. I have 3 of 4 going to high school and 1 in middle school and then my oldest grandbaby started Pre-K.

Notice the smile on K's face verses everyone else? This is what happens. I think Jill was pretty excited but no one and I mean not even Lexi wanted to take a picture for the first day. As I went through my Facebook feed that seems to be the general theme. Kids over 12 did not want to take a picture for their parents and kids under 12 were ready and willing. 

The first day of school went off pretty well. Lexi says she got a rumor started about her, Jill had some paperwork issues, Jonathan is a Varsity Starter for football but somehow his schedule has him going to P.E. (The football coach was more than willing to help him get it sorted out) and Joel is like "whatever."

For me this year is tough. Besides all the fun custody stuff, counseling, etc, my babies aren't babies anymore. My oldest child will be 18 in a few months and this is his last year in high school. Where in the world did time go? All but one of my babies are now in high school. When did that happen? My baby baby is now in middle school and our grandkids are starting school for the first time.

I can only think of one song and I wish someone would have told me......

Until Next Time! Joni

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday - Joni Addition

I am so ready for school to start. This has been quite an adventure. Waiting until 10 to call the school and see if they have managed to transfer Lexi's paperwork YET & waiting to see if Joseph is coming home so we can get her school clothes ~ still waiting on shots and physical.

I go back to the newspaper today to finalize my commission plan. I have to be successful. I don't have any other choice. I also started working for another company too. I think God is trying to show me that I'm meant to be a hustler.

Lexi still hasn't learned. You can't play a player sweetie or in this case there isn't much you are going to be able to do and get away with because your mama has been there and done that. Just check my closet and see the t-shirts.

I feel like I am at a transition point in my life. I feel like I'm about to make decisions in my life that I don't really want to make but don't really have a choice. It's funny how people grow or not grow in different directions.

I started going to the track again. I like feeling like I've accomplished something for myself and my body. I like feeling healthy. As a matter of fact, that's where I'm headed now.

Until Next Time! Joni