Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 I Refuse To Let You Be A Bad Year

I do not miss 2013 at all.
2014 has started out trying to be a bad year but I refuse.
1. My camera is in the shop after I profess publicly to start taking pictures more, brushing up on my mad photography skills, assigning a meaningful business name for my photos and deciding to do 365.
Solution: Use Joseph's point and shoot until mine is back home.
2. I vow I am going to start being active, exercising and eating right which means that Joseph went grocery shopping with me, I got in the accident which has prohibited me from working out and I was forced to take medication (also something else I didn't want to do unless there was no choice and pain leaves no choice) due to the wreck.
Solution: I ate the crap today and only bought things that were alright for me to eat. I got fish and ZERO red meat. I also am going to start walking tomorrow and then when I'm 100% I'll start doing some of the other exercise.
3. I promised to have better relationships with my children this year but I've managed to make my 17 year old determined he can't wait to be an adult even more and we've had less discussions with both the step daughters since the year started.
Solution: (disclaimer: it's going to sound crappy) Schedule time to call the kids and spend time with them the same way I need to do blog posts and the way I do the bills and my school work.
4. I wanted to watch how and what I said to people but everyone and everything has tested my patience to the limit.
Solution: Just be more aware and like my mama said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything nice at all"
5. I said I was going to find a church home but we've been to church once and it wasn't for us.
Solution: I am going to possibly going to church with my mom next Sunday depending on how things go and when I have a Sunday back here at home, I am going to keep trying the churches in my town until I find one that feels like it's home.
6. I said I was going to focus on my blog until the semester started but I have not done that due to our old laptop crashing with no way of fixing it.
Solution: forgive myself, get back on track and schedule my posts.
7. 2014 meant that I was going to pay off all our bills and over extend myself by not only taking 5 classes this semester but by also taking on a full EMT class on top of that and working but God has a way of showing you otherwise some times.
Solution: Realize I have to do one thing at a time, 5 classes is plenty for anyone who only goes to school but especially for someone who works full-time also and lastly, God may not have the plan of you being an EMT or a Nurse as something always happens when I get ready. So in spending more time with God, HE will reveal to me what HE wants me to do and until then....I'll just keep going to school.
8. My office was going to organized but remember that wreck I told you about.....yep, didn't get done.
Solution: Just do it.
9. I was going to make it a point to enter more giveaways but I haven't.
Solution: Do it.
2014 is going to rock not because it's started out great but because I refuse to give up or give in.

Until Next Time! Joni


  1. I really like this post because you listed things out AND the solutions! Let's make this year the best one yet!

  2. Join my giveaway!

  3. Good for you on this post. You are not only letting 2014 know it will be better, you're taking it by the shoulders and shaking sense into it! Keep it up. I feel you on #5. We're searching for a church that feels like home this year too.

  4. I am right there with you. I am not going to let 2014 be just like 2013. I found your blog through the SITS tribe..

  5. Hi! So excited to be a part of this tribe building! I can't wait to start digging into your blog. It might take me a few days it is quite busy around here. :)

  6. 2014 has to be better than 2013, which turned out to be the worst year I've ever had in my life. So onward and upward huh! Hi Joni, I'm of the members of your new SITS tribe.

  7. I think 2013 was awful for everyone!!! 2014 is definitely going to be better! Excited about this SITS tribe!