Saturday, January 11, 2014

And We Are Down To One Car

I own a gas guzzling Tahoe but I love my truck.
Joseph owns a Toyota Corolla that I didn't care for, especially being a stick, but it's GREAT on gas mileage.
Since I'm the one that drives the furthest and most often, we traded vehicles but now, after my car accident, we are down to one car and we are already having challenges.
Today I have to go to Dallas to pick up my text books for Spring semester that starts on Monday ~ did I mention I'm taking 5 classes this semester? Afterwards, we were going to go spend time with the kids and then stop off in Waco (to drop off the Christmas gifts that are still sitting in my living room) and then come on home because Joseph is leaving to go out of town for work on Sunday.
Fast forward to last night. My shoulder was killing me. Yes, I over did it but I can't help it, it's just who I am. I took a pain pill, talked to the boys and tried to fall asleep with zero luck. It was after 1 when I finally got comfortable enough to fall asleep and then Joseph's phone started blowing up. The clock said 3am......who in the world.....his boss.
So up we got so I could drive Joseph to work, since I had to have the truck today, and then figuring out how he was going to be getting home. Did I mention the car will be brought here today?
I am also about to put my blog under construction for a few days while I make some changes.

Until Next Time! Joni

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  1. Good luck w/the one car thing. We had to do it for a short bit too. Def. no fun! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!