Friday, January 10, 2014

My Accident

Friday, January 10, 2014
Have you ever tried acupressure to treat a problem? What was your experience with it?

The answer to this one would be no for sure. I'm not scared of needles in the least but the idea of allowing another person to stick tiny needles into the pressure points of my body to try and make me feel better, yep, not my idea of feel good.

Right now I am in terrible pain ~
Thanks to my car accident on Wednesday!
For the most part I am fine.
I have some pulled muscles in my left shoulder (hello ugly sling) and some nasty bruises (thank you air bags and seat belt for doing your job) the car however, Joseph's car, not sure how bad the damage is yet.

The advantages of living in a small town, we will have the car in the driveway tomorrow so he can decide if it's even worth us fixing. If you are curious what happened....

I live in a small town aka I drive through the country to get to the city. Wednesday it drizzled all day long and the road from work to home is full of twists and curves. There is one curve that is extremely sharp. I will admit maybe I should have slowed more (the trooper who wrote me a ticket said the same thing). As I rounded the curve I started to hydroplane. 

I thought if I could miss the guard rail the worst thing that I would have to deal with would be Joseph complaining about having to pull the car out of the ditch but oh no, I hit the guard rail. Normally there is no one on the road with me but it just so happened that a man who lives in my same little town was driving behind me. He was the only one who sat there with me until EMS, the police and fire department arrived. Much to my surprise, several cars passed us while we were waiting but not a soul stopped.

What is wrong with people now days? Is this really what the world has come to? 

Until Next Time! Joni


  1. People are too caught up in their own lives these days to stop and do a good deed. My husband and I always top to help out the people who are broken down at the side of the road, need a boost, or need help getting their car out of the snow. Just the other day we stopped at the side of the road to assist this mini van. The family had small kids in the back as well!

    So sorry to hear about your accident, I have family that have been in serious car crashes and years later they are still living with the physical effects so it can be quite serious and long term. I hope you make a full recovery and feel better soon.


    1. Thank Erica! I'm feeling much better. I have some ugly bruises but no big deal. My shoulder is feeling better for most of the day but gets kind of bad at night but I think this will pass soon and thanks for stopping. I always stop. You just never know.